SPLC and NEA v. Parents and Kids

By Larry Sand
The disgraceful Southern Poverty Law Center is now trying to keep poor parents from getting their kids out of awful schools. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which regularly labels organizations whose politics they disagree with as “Hate Groups,” has jumped head-first into the school choice fray. Just a few weeks ago, they began Public Funds...

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Teacher Union Agenda Dysphoria 

By Larry Sand
Alberta teachers union pushes a radical sexual agenda on kids.  Earlier this year, several doctors tore into new guidelines that promote transgenderism in the Canadian province of Alberta. These MDs haven’t fallen for the uber-progressive fairytale that “gender is a social construct” and insist that identifying one’s gender as different from one’s biological sex is...

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Unions Continue Their Long March into the Classroom

By Larry Sand
Labor union indoctrination is seeping into our schools before our very eyes. Teacher union intrusion into the lives of children is not new. Via anti-child work rules like tenure and seniority, unions have been making their influence felt for years. Additionally, as labor expert Kevin Dayton points out, they have been angling to promote their...

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Let’s Flush the Bathroom Bill

By Larry Sand
A new California law is agenda driven, hurts kids and is totally unnecessary. A look back through recent history reveals that legislators and the educational establishment, taking its marching orders from the teachers unions, have needlessly foisted sexuality into children’s lives. The radical agenda of the activists seeks to divest children of any prudish, old-world...

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CTA, Transgender Clownfish and Our Children

By Larry Sand
The very creepy sexualization of young children, a part of the teachers unions’ progressive agenda, goes on unabated. In the past few years, teachers unions in the United States have gotten into the perverse business of sexualizing children. I first wrote about this phenomenon several years ago. In 2004, the National Education Association gave its...

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The NEA’s Influence on Sex Education Policy

By Larry Sand
NEA’s reprehensible sexual agenda goes on unabated and the MSM is MIA. At a time when teachers’ unions are battling for their collective bargaining lives, courtesy of Governors Scott Walker, Chris Christie, John Kasich et al., it’s hard to go a day without reading a newspaper account of the latest union news. However, there is...

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