Unprofessional Conduct Penalty

By Larry Sand
Comedy Central spoof doesn’t go deep in teacher-athlete comparison. The teachers “don’t get no respect” catchphrase has been with us for some time now. Various lamenters have opined that teachers should have the status and income of rock stars or professional athletes. To that end, Comedy Central duo Key and Peele have rolled out “Teaching...

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Dump the Masters Bump

By Larry Sand
Advanced degrees for teachers have no bearing on student learning. Last week, The Wall Street Journal brought to a national audience the news that lawmakers in North Carolina have done away with automatic pay increases for teachers who have master’s degrees. North Carolina is the latest state to get rid of the “masters bump,” following...

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No Love for Irreplaceable Teachers

By Larry Sand
According to a recent study, many public schools do not retain their best teachers – the “irreplaceables.” Is anyone surprised? A study released a couple of weeks ago by the New Teacher Project – now known as TNTP – claims that urban schools…. …are systematically neglecting their best teachers, losing tens of thousands every year...

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