Tony Thurmond – Public Sector Union Operative

By Edward Ring
As the 21st century careens its way towards more geopolitical and economic uncertainty than most people alive today have ever known, with constant and transformative change the only constant, optimists among us still hope that some elements of California’s labor movement will begin to throw their weight behind policies and politicians that offer stability and...

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Is Crippling Education

By Larry Sand
The damaging “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” racket needs to be extinguished. Researchers extraordinaire Jay Greene and James Paul have released a series of three carefully crafted studies on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that detail many aspects of the harmful scheme. In a nutshell, the authors find DEI to be “counterproductive and politically radical.” The part...

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By Larry Sand
While California’s ethnic studies mandate for k-12ers is dead for now, there is still much in the works to be concerned about. California governor Gavin Newsom is a force of nature. He leads a state which has record homelessness, rising crime and exploding pension debt. But wait, there is so much more! Ruling more like...

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SATIRE: California State Superintendent bans finger guns in schools

By Koppany Jordan
The following was written for the “Fake News or Real” quiz on National Review’s Radio Free California podcast. –Editor After a string of non-fatal gun battles in California’s classrooms, Superintendent Tony Thurmond announced new guidelines on Tuesday to ban the use of finger guns. “This ends now! We must act! We can’t just sit around...

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Charter Caps…and Gowns

By Larry Sand
As charter schools continue to prove themselves, the threatened education monopolists try to kill them off.  Just a month ago, I wrote about the problems that charter schools were having in California. No, there is not a problem with parental dissatisfaction or with inducing students to attend and thrive in a safe environment. Rather, there...

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CTA’s ongoing charter school whoppers

By Larry Sand
Washington Post writer Jay Mathews is “woke” to the fact that the California Teachers Association lies. Jay Mathews has been around the block a few times. He has been with the Washington Post since 1971, and for many of those years he has written about education issues, often arguing for sensible reforms. Which is why...

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