The NEA’s massive money grab

By Larry Sand
Using Covid-19 as an excuse, the teachers union wants you to “invest” more in education; historical data put things into perspective, however. Last week I reported on the American Federation of Teachers plea for more money to flow into government-run schools because of the Covid-19 crisis. Not to be outdone, the National Education Association has...

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The coming upheaval in education

By Larry Sand
Due to Covid-19 related economic realities, the unions demand the Feds pour billions more into education. There is no way to sugarcoat it. The economic impact of Covid-19 will take its toll on education funding. The National Education Association is in full freak-out mode, “calling for an additional $175 billion to stabilize education funding—the $30.7...

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Class size matters…not a whit

By Larry Sand
Perhaps the “fake news” story of the year – actually the last 20 years – is that small class size is essential to learning. Under the leadership of its cantankerous president Alex Caputo-Pearl, the United Teachers of Los Angeles is planning to strike – very possibly in January. The union’s demands haven’t budged, even as...

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Public education defunding drivel

By Larry Sand
The teachers unions and their allies demand more and more, and still more money for education. In a recent New York Times piece, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten warned us about “The high cost of defunding public education.” Her standard issue whine starts off with the Time Magazine front-page story (which I wrote...

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The endless teacher salary lies

By Larry Sand
Using the “pay penalty” canard, the education establishment enflames teacher anger and accords them victim status. “‘I Work 3 Jobs and Donate Blood Plasma to Pay the Bills.’ This Is What It’s Like to Be a Teacher in America” begs for your sympathy. Then, of course, you are supposed to get righteously angry! But looking...

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Striking at the wrong target

By Larry Sand
Teachers should stop listening to union leaders and look at the data before striking. When one looks at the actual dollars-and-cents reality, the emotional photo of the kindly old 1st grade teacher picketing for more money “for the classroom” falls flat. Very, very flat. There are several relevant facts that teachers and all Americans – especially the taxpaying variety – need to know.

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The Teacher-Shortage Myth

By Larry Sand
There is no dearth of teachers; in fact, we may have too many. A nationwide shortage of teachers threatens quality education, according to the education establishment and its advocates in the media. But as with the population bomb, Y2K, and the devils of Loudon, the reality of the supposed crisis is quite different from its representation. A look...

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Letting Schools Compete: A Boon to the Economy

By Larry Sand
The National Education Association continues to throw out stale bromides in an attempt to salvage a failing and very costly education enterprise. National School Choice Week has just ended and what a week it was! It spanned the country with 3,600 events in all 50 states and D.C., with proclamations and endorsements from 29 governors,...

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The Public Education Jobs Program

By Larry Sand
As you go to the polls next week, please consider the facts before voting to pour more money into the K–12 black hole. Last week, The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice released a comprehensive study which details an employment explosion in America’s public schools. America’s K-12 public education system has experienced tremendous historical growth in...

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