Prop. 30 Splits California’s Ruling Elite

By Edward Ring
Even by national standards, state ballot initiative campaigns in California are big time politics. You can run a campaign for U.S. Senator in most states in America for less than it costs to qualify and successfully campaign to pass a statewide ballot initiative in California. Political insiders in Sacramento describe any controversial initiative with well...

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California Business Community Should Not Enable High Cost Government

By David Kersten
The business community is in a very tough position in California.  The California Legislature is completely controlled by the Democratic Party and its pro-labor base. The California Republican Party and Republicans candidates are their most natural allies but Republicans are only viable in a relatively small minority of legislative races. The result is that the...

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The Teachers Unions Faux Grassroots Organizing

By Larry Sand
The Hedge Clippers, a union run and organized group, laughably pretends to be grassroots. The Hedge Clippers, born last year, is an anti-capitalist, left-wing, purportedly grassroots organization whose focus is on exposing “the mechanisms hedge funds and billionaires use to influence government and politics in order to expand their wealth, influence and power.” The group received...

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Let’s Deep-six Prop. 30

By Larry Sand
The signatures for an initiative that would extend 2012’s “temporary” tax increase in California are due today. Four years ago Californians voted in Prop. 30, a “temporary” tax, to pay back schools “from the years of devastating cuts.” But as I show here, there was hardly any devastation; in fact, our spending had continued to...

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By Larry Sand
CTA press release reveals the union’s agenda toward education spending…and its utter disregard of reality. Last week California Teachers Association president Eric Heins issued a press release that shows the union’s ignorance – or avoidance – of facts. It begins with, “Educators are encouraged to see the Governor use his proposed state budget and revenues...

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Split Roll and the Bottomless Hole

By Larry Sand
A union-led initiative wants to eliminate Prop. 13 benefits for businesses. California’s Prop. 13, wildly popular on both sides of the political aisle, is under siege by unions. Using the Orwellian name “Make It Fair,” a coalition led by the California Teachers Association, California Federation of Teachers, SEIU and their friends has decided that they...

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Teacher Unions and Their “Fair Share” Fetish

By Larry Sand
According to the California Federation of Teachers, taxed-to-death Golden Staters still don’t pay enough. While teachers unions continue to slam the wealthy for not paying their fair share of taxes, it is the finger-pointers who are really the avaricious ones. Like spoiled children who just can’t get enough candy, they have no sense as to...

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The Not So Merry Month of May

By Larry Sand
In California schools, the fifth month (formerly known as May) is now Labor History Month. As Kevin Dayton pointed out in Union Watch last week, the entire month of May is now officially deemed Labor History Month in California. Courtesy of AB 2269, the state education code has been amended to read, The month of...

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California’s FYE 6-30-13 Deficit Already $2.7 Billion Above Projections

By Mike Shedlock
California revenue is up from a year ago. Unfortunately, California revenue is not up as much as expected, while spending is up way more than expected. Please consider California Finances in November 2012 by state controller John Chiang. November’s tax receipts fell 10.8% short of expectations contained in the 2012-2013 State Budget, although they were...

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More Money for Business as Usual

By Larry Sand
Throwing ever more funds at education without making substantive changes to the system is a horrible waste of money, not to mention children’s lives. California Democrat Congressman Mike Honda and National Education Association President Dennis Van Roekel recently collaborated on an op-ed that played up just about every bit of feel good, cliché-riddled drivel ever...

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