Why Raising Minimum Wages Does More Harm Than Good

By Mike Shedlock
On Friday, Salon reported Breaking: Massive Black Friday strike and arrests planned, as workers defy Wal-Mart.  Defying the nation’s top employer and a business model that defines the new U.S. economy, Wal-Mart employees and allies will try to oust shopping headlines with strike stories, and throw a retail giant off its heels on what should be its happiest...

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Same Old SEIU, Same Tired Attacks

By Dave Bego
Never a group to let an opportunity go to waste, the SEIU planed to disrupt travelers at major airports all over the country, and to attack retailers such as Wal-Mart during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Their plotting is all in the name of “social justice,” which is no more than a code name for forced...

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D.C. City Council Proposes “Living Wage” of $12.50 an Hour

By Mike Shedlock
Editor’s Note: A push to dramatically increase the minimum wage isn’t limited to Washington DC. Earlier this year, Los Angeles mayoral candidate Wendy Gruel promised to push for a minimum wage of $15 per hour in that city. This report by UnionWatch contributor Mike Shedlock explains the impracticality and unintended negative consequences of mandating a...

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Unions Defy CEQA Reformers with Taunting Resolution

By Kevin Dayton
Despite their reputation as effective and extensive abusers of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to pursue economic objectives unrelated to environmental protection, California union leaders are strategically choosing to be vocal activists against CEQA reform. Union leaders are obviously quite confident that corporate executives and the news media will hesitate to make them accountable for...

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