Classroom forecast: Miseducated with a high chance of indoctrination

By Larry Sand
Instead of American history, students now learn about the evils of capitalism, airplanes and cow farts.  “‘Education is Political’: Neutrality in the Classroom Shortchanges Students” read a recent headline on the National Education Association website. What the teachers union is essentially saying is that an objective approach to controversial subjects does a disservice to the...

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Limiting Charter Growth by Any Means Necessary

By Larry Sand
Teachers unions in Chicago and Massachusetts are doing their darndest to stop the spread of charter schools. Amazingly, the Chicago teachers’ strike didn’t come off.  Less than 10 minutes before a midnight strike deadline on October 10th, the district and union cobbled together a deal, pending approval by the rank-and-file. One of the more contentious issues was...

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Tales from the Unions’ Dark (Money) Side

By Larry Sand
The unions preen and posture as political underdogs, but nothing could be further from the truth. Thanks to the teachers unions and the American left, the term “dark money” – political spending by groups whose own donors are allowed to remain hidden – is most closely associated with two successful industrialists from Kansas – the...

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Union “Hubrocrisy”

By Larry Sand
Teachers unions reside at the corner of Hubris St. and Hypocrisy Ave.  A few days ago, Politico’s Stephanie Simon wrote about a new teachers union get-out-the-vote strategy. Attempting to regain some of their political turf as the midterm elections approach, they’re fighting back by utilizing their most obvious asset: teachers. Backed by tens of millions...

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