Pearls of venom

By Larry Sand
Los Angeles teacher union leader is using the coronavirus crisis as an excuse to trash charter schools. Due to the coronavirus, many of us are going out of our way to be nice – helping the elderly and infirm, shopping for a family that fears leaving home, limiting ourselves to purchasing just one package of...

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Elizabeth Warren’s “No Teachers Union Left behind” Campaign

By Larry Sand
Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren used to be a Republican, a Native American and pro-school choice. Now she is a Democrat, a Caucasian and anti-choice teacher union suck-up. As I wrote back in May, the Democratic presidential contenders were battling each other fiercely to score the endorsement of the nation’s teachers unions. The anointment comes with...

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The teachers unions’ spotty progressivism

By Larry Sand
When it comes to public charter schools and any meaningful education reform, the teachers unions are staunch reactionaries. In the political arena, teachers unions are far to the left. However, when it comes to serious education reform and any kind of school choice, they are committed to maintaining the all-too-often failing status quo. At its...

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Charter haters’ train is temporarily derailed in CA

By Larry Sand
Two bills that would have deeply wounded the popular schools of choice are dead…for now.  Last week, two seemingly sure-shot bills were deep-sixed in the California legislature. AB 1506 would have placed a ceiling on the number of charter schools allowed in the state – the magic number being those in existence at the end...

TAGS: California Charter Schools Association, California Teachers Association, Democrats for Education Reform, Eric Heins, Jay Greene, Larry Sand, Rick Hess, teachers union, Tom Kane

National Association of Arrogant Calculating Phonies

By Larry Sand
Renegade locals fight California state NAACP and national board over anti-charter school stance. Nearly 68 percent of all black public school students in California perform below their grade level in English and language arts, and more than 80 percent fail to meet the state’s proficiency mark in math, according to the latest California Assessment of...

TAGS: California Charter Schools Association, Charter schools, Christina Laster, Democrats for Education Reform, Larry Sand, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, National Education Association, teachers union

Union Kingpin Threatens California

By Larry Sand
In a blatant power-play, UTLA president targets health benefits and charter schools, calling for a “state crisis” if he doesn’t get his way. United Teachers of Los Angeles president Alex Caputo-Pearl gave a speech for the ages a couple of weeks ago, securing a wing in the pantheon-of-vile, a place which includes such memorable outbursts...

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Los Angeles Department of Monopoly and Power

By Larry Sand
Educating students is far from the #1 priority of the school board and the teachers union in LA. On February 11th, LA School Report released an internal Los Angeles Unified School District document which stated that just 54 percent of seniors in LA are on track to graduate. The drop off from 74 percent last...

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