Honest satire

Last week, the satirical website The Babylon Bee published an article proclaiming, “kids form union and donate millions to Newsom so they won’t have to get vaccinated.”  As with any good parody, this piece centered on truth: the most effective voices in California’s education system are teachers unions, because they have a lot of money....

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An indecent proposal

By Chantal Lovell
When reflecting on Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent recall victory, a friend of the California Policy Center reminded me of a scene in the film Indecent Proposal. Woody Harrelson’s character had just been left by the love of his life, who’d run off with another man. Before handing divorce papers over to his soon-to-be ex, played...

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Two wins for students!

By Chantal Lovell
In a true testament to the impact engaged parents can have, California officials chose in two separate instances this week to put kids and their education before woke politics. It’s something not seen enough these days, and certainly worth celebrating when it happens. The first student-centric victory came on Tuesday, when the Los Angeles Unified...

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Here we go again …

By Chantal Lovell
Randi Weingarten is once again trying to gaslight the American public. First, she ludicrously claimed teachers unions had actually been fighting to reopen schools – not keep them closed – since April 2020. Now, she’s trying to fool parents into thinking assignments titled “Why I’m a racist” and “White savior complex” aren’t critical race theory....

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Freedom is making a comeback in California

By Chantal Lovell
For lovers of freedom, living in California can sometimes feel like a losing battle. Teachers unions run the schools (or, more recently, ensure they don’t run), Sacramento politicians refuse to grant hearings to minority bills, and high taxes and excessive regulations are forcing more and more of our neighbors and family members to pack up...

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Something, someone missing from CA’s reopening

By Chantal Lovell
California officially reopened this week to much media and gubernatorial fanfare. But something major was missing: the many job creators and residents who were forced to flee the state over the past 15 months that were marked by lockdowns, school closures, and onerous restrictions that frequently left businesses reeling and shelling out tens of thousands...

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Newsletter: A new day for school choice in California 

By Jackson Reese
United Teachers Los Angeles President Cecily Myart-Cruz has been talking for months about the “transformational change” she wants to bring to California schools through the COVID-19 pandemic. Golden State voters, according to a new poll commissioned by the California Policy Center, want changes, too. Unfortunately for Myart-Cruz, the changes voters want could dismantle the government...

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A union changes its spots

By Chantal Lovell
CPC’s work to reduce the corrupt influence of government unions in state politics achieved a historic win with the announcement that one of the state’s most powerful unions will end political spending.  Elected last week as president of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1000, Richard Louis Brown said he’ll end the union’s political spending,...

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Gavin Newsom’s brush with conservatism

By Chantal Lovell
For months now, Governor Gavin Newsom has spared no opportunity to demean and bash conservatives for their efforts to do what he thought unthinkable: put him up for recall. But as quickly as he sent his kids back to in-person private school this past fall, Newsom seems to have embraced a very conservative principle: return...

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