The California Policy Center is an educational non-profit working for the prosperity of all Californians by eliminating public-sector barriers to freedom.


CPC aspires to make California the freest and most prosperous region in the nation—a place where everyone can get a fair shake in life, where families can afford to live and flourish, and where our public education system is excellent and devoted entirely to the needs of children. We envision a California where resources are used responsibly and businesses of every kind are welcomed and encouraged to thrive.


Like many blue states, California’s public policy is driven by government union leaders. Buoyed by $1 billion in annual dues revenue, public-sector unions finance the campaigns of politicians who, once in office, craft the policies that advance the union agenda at the expense of everyone else in the Golden State. Any attempt to reform California—its cumbersome business regulations, high taxes, public debt, failing education system, skyrocketing cost of living, water shortages and more—runs up against the entrenched power of the state’s government unions and the politicians whose campaigns they bankroll.

At CPC, we know firsthand that until we rein in government union power, there’s little hope for reform in our state. If you want to reduce taxes, the unions will fight you. If you want to reduce wildfires, homelessness or the cost of living, you’ll need the unions’ permission. If you want to improve public education, you’ll run into the largest teachers union in the nation. Fortunately, we’ve got solutions.

Our primary areas of focus are education reform, workplace freedom, government transparency, and governance.